How To Make An Appointment

– We are primary working my appointment at this time, we will take walk-ins if we have the available time but currently that time is rare.

– Plan ahead for an appointment. Depending on the artist you are looking to work with they can be booking anywhere between 1 week to 4 months in advance.

– Expect to leave a NONREFUNDABLE $100 deposit.  We do this for all appointments whether it’s tomorrow, or two months away.  It is a reassurance for the shop in case someone no call no shows, and in those cases we keep the deposit to pay the artist for their wasted time.

If you give us 48 hours notice PRIOR to your appointment, you can move your appointment ONE time and retain the deposit with the appointment.

The deposit will come off the price of your tattoo: for example if your tattoo totals up to $200, you would only have to pay $100 that day since you already paid $100 of it.

We use scheduling software that will remind you via text about your appointment and give you plenty of time to move it if necessary.

How To:

– Call: (734) 883 9996 – Between our office manager, artists and piercers we are good at answering the phone during business hours, however if you don’t get an answer or call after hours: just leave a voicemail with your name and number and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

– E-mail: – We check this daily and it’s a great way to share art ideas and for us to send you sketches. We cannot make appointments via email or social media. You can in person or over the phone. But you can reach out to us with ideas.

** we will NOT quote prices via e-mail, phone or on social media.**

These are the best ways to contact us for appointments for tattoos and consultations.  However you can always walk into the shop to meet the artists and make an appointment then.

Thank you,

My Little Needle Crew

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